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15/12/2016 9:33:52 SA

VeXeRe.com is Hiring Tester

If you love finding and fixing bugs in programmimg and coding, you could be suited to a career in software testing. Your role is integral to the creation of software systems and technical products including vehicles, electronic goods, defence, and healthcare.


Job Responsibilities: 

- Conduct manual testing. 

- Conduct Automation testing. 

- Develop automation test scripts

- Writing, optimising and executing testing.

- Identifying, reporting and tracking bugs.

- Fluency test tools and fault management, research and update new test tools and knowledge to support the work.

- Communicating with web Leader and upper management-related test work.

- Work closely with the Developers

- Communicate directly with customer on the requirements.


- 1+ years experience as a web tester, automation tester.

- Using efficiently automation test tools: Selenium and others

- Good technical knowledge in web development methodologies, design and implementation. 

- Experience in documenting test cases, bugs and associated reporting. 

- Good knowledge of creating and executing automation tests 

- Good understanding of entire development process, including specification, documentation and quality assurance

- Ability to independent work directly with tasks. Strong responsibility. 

Salary: Depend on your ability but sure that you will pleasure.

How to apply: Please send us your CV to hr@vexere.com or contact 090 365 9499 for more details.


About VeXeRe:

VeXeRe is the largest long-distance bus ticket platform in Vietnam, helping customers search information and buy long-distance bus tickets online. VeXeRe is selling tickets for more than 120 bus companies in Vietnam, covering all major routes in Vietnam. VeXeRe is also the leader in providing Bus Management Software which is used by 100 bus companies, contributing to the modernization of the long-distance bus industry. 

We believe an organization should be born to solve critical issues of the society. Our culture emphasizes teamwork and community values. All VeXeRe members are given opportunities to lead with initiatives on products and strategy, and are expected to become future leaders.

VeXeRe was invested by CyberAgent Ventures (Japan) & Pix Vine Capital (Singapore).


Some of VeXeRe’s awards:

- 1st prize in Echelon Ignite Vietnam 2014 by E27

- 3rd prize in Nhan Tai Dat Viet 2015

- 2nd prize in National Startup Competition hosted by VCCI

- 2nd prize in Mekong Business Challenge sponsored by Google, McKinsey & Co., and Standard Chartered.


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