Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Benefits for customers booking tickets at

VeXeRe has the largest online inventory of bus companies and routes in Vietnam. Therefore, VeXeRe’s benefits for customers are as follows:

  • Customers can choose their preferred bus operators, journeys, seat numbers
  • Customers can book bus tickets online, call our Call Center or buy tickets with ticket agents of VeXeRe
  • Customers can use our ticket delivery service and other advantages of VeXeRe
  • Customers can choose, compare prices, and quality of 1500+ bus companies
  • Customers can create reviews of quality of bus operators, drivers, or staff

If VeXeRe also brings you other benefits, please feedback to us at "Customer Feedback" section.

Is VeXeRe's listed ticket price more expensive than ticket prices of bus companies?

- No. We guarantee that our ticket prices are the same as actual ticket prices of bus companies. Our ticket prices will be cheaper in some special occasions when we collaborate with bus companies or our partners to provide sales promotion.


Which documents do I have to show to bus companies to board?

  • SMS or E-mail with information on tickets (most bus companies accept this form);
  • A few bus operators may not accept E-tickets. The details of these bus operators will be presented during your booking with Please print out your email confirmation and bring it along with you;
  • Identity cards (or other identification documents such as passports, driving licenses, etc.)

If I lost my ticket, what should I do?

- A copy of your ticket is sent to your email address when you book tickets. Please show this email to bus companies.

I don't receive my confirmation, what should I do?

- In case you don't receive our SMS or email, please email or call +84 1900 969 681 to get the confirmation resent.

I put in the wrong telephone number or email while booking tickets online. What should I do?

- Please contact our call center at, or call +84 1900 969 681 to confirm the new phone number.


I left my booking information on, how long will I receive a call from VeXeRe?

We will contact you to confirm your booking within 3 business hour.


Payment methods at

  • Visa/ Master Card
  • ATM card of all banks supporting Internet Banking
  • Cash collection at VeXeRe partners' stores
  • Cash collection at VeXeRe Office

I cannot access Internet, and cannot make online payment. Can I buy tickets at VeXeRe?

Yes. You can contact our call center at or +84 1900 969 681 in order to book tickets and pay at our partners' stores/offices

Can I buy tickets and pay money for another person?

Yes. You could pay money for another person's ticket if you register complete information of that person.


  • 1 hour before departure time: No refund
  • 1 hour to 12 hours before departure time: 80% of total ticket fare
  • 12 hours to 24 hours before departure time: 50% of total ticket fare
  • 1 day to 3 days before departure time: 10% of total ticket fare
  • More than 3 days before departure time: 5% of total ticket fare
  • \n

However, please note that this policy for some bus operators may be different, kindly review our Terms & Conditions. Please contact our Customer Service at or +84 1900 969 681 to know the cancellation policy of your preferred bus company.

How can I cancel my tickets?

You can email us at or call +84 1900 969 681 to cancel.


I cannot board the bus. Can I get my money refunded?

VeXeRe guarantees to refund your money if you cannot board the bus due to mistakes of bus companies or VeXeRe’s operations. However, if you miss the bus for any other reason, VeXeRe will not refund.

How can I receive my refund?

The refunds are transferred into your bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards, or other accounts that you used to book the tickets.

All refunds are processed automatically when canceling tickets. Normally the banks will take a few days to credit the refunds