VeXeRe.com – A platform that connects users and bus operators. Passenger information will be transferred to the bus operator right after the customer has successfully booked a ticket. Book tickets through the VeXeRe.com system, customers can be assured that all information is transferred to the bus operator fully and accurately, 100% commitment to having tickets for customers (if there is no ticket, it will be refunded money).


1.VeXeRe guarantees a 150% refund if we cannot provide transport services for your booking on VeXeRe

VeXeRe guarantees refund of 150% of the payment value in case customers do not receive transport services for your booking on VeXeRe.

Definition of the cases of unprovided transport services, for tickets booked on VeXeRe platform:

  • A customer paid for the tickets but the Bus Operators cannot provide the service – VeXeRe and the Bus Operator have to find another bus. If the departure time of the replacement tickets are earlier or later than 18 hours, that would be considered provided transport service. After 18 hours than the departure time of the customer’s ticket, it is considered unprovided transport service.
  • Customers paid for the tickets but the driver did not pick them up, and VeXeRe and Operator could not find another bus to assist customers.
  • The Bus Operator cancels the trip due to operating reasons, and VeXeRe could not find another suitable vehicle for customers to travel. 

The 150% refund policy will apply to customers who have paid tickets at VeXeRe’s online channels. This policy is not yet applied for customers who pay at the bus operator’s office or pay onboard.

The 150% refund policy is applied for the amount that the guest actually paid when booking (after promotions); The refund includes a 100% refund of the amount paid by the customer and a 50% discount voucher for the next use. The normal validity of the voucher will be 2 months. In some special cases, VeXeRe may change the expiry date.

The following cases are not considered cases of unprovided transport services: 

  • The bus operator does not support hard copy tickets or VAT invoices.
  • VeXeRe and Bus Operator found another bus for customers but the original seat/bed was changed.
  • VeXeRe and Bus Operator found another bus but there was change in time/bus type/bus operator’s brand.
  • Some incidents that customers have to pay an extra charge.
  • The Bus Operator is canceled due to force majeure events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, floods, thunderstorms, epidemics, war, strikes, etc.

VeXeRe will not refund 150% of the fare in these cases. However, we will have other support policies suitable for each unexpected problem of customers.

VeXeRe does not support a refund of 150% of the payment value for the following cases:

  • The customer gave incorrect information about the trip or incorrect personal information while booking.
  • The driver could not contact the customers, hence unable to pick them up.
  • Customers showed up at the bus station or the pick-up point later than the expected time announced by VeXeRe.
  • Customers violated the policies of the bus operator leading to the refusal of service.

2.Benefits for customers booking tickets at VeXeRe.com

VeXeRe has the largest online inventory of bus companies and routes in Vietnam. Therefore, VeXeRe’s benefits for customers are as follows:

  • Customers can choose their preferred bus operators, journeys, seat numbers
  • Customers can book bus tickets online, call our Call Center or buy tickets with ticket agents of VeXeRe
  • Customers can use our ticket delivery service and other advantages of VeXeRe
  • Customers can choose, compare prices, and quality of 2000+ bus companies
  • Customers can create reviews of the quality of bus operators, drivers, or staff

If VeXeRe also brings you other benefits, please feedback to us at “Customer Feedback” section.

3.Is VeXeRe’s listed ticket price more expensive than the ticket prices of bus companies?

– No. We guarantee that our ticket prices are the same as the actual ticket prices of bus companies. Our ticket prices will be cheaper on special occasions when we collaborate with bus companies or our partners to provide sales promotions.


Which documents do I have to show to bus companies to board?

  • SMS or E-mail with information on tickets (most bus companies accept this form);
  • A few bus operators may not accept E-tickets. The details of these bus operators will be presented during your booking with VeXeRe.com. Please print out your email confirmation and bring it along with you;
  • Identity cards (or other identification documents such as passports, driving licenses, etc.)

If I lost my ticket, what should I do?

– You will receive ticket confirmation by SMS or Email after successfully booking a ticket. You can show your e-ticket to the bus operators when you get on the bus.

– In case of losing an e-ticket, please feel free to let us know at hotline 1900 888843.

I don’t receive my confirmation, what should I do?

– In case you don’t receive our SMS or email, please email lienhe@vexere.com, or call 1900 888843 to get the confirmation. 

I put in the wrong telephone number or email while booking tickets online. What should I do?

– Please contact our call center at lienhe@vexere.com, or call 1900 8888843 to confirm the new phone number.

What should I do after successfully paying?

After payment, VeXeRe will provide the confirmation via Email and SMS. This SMS/Email will have the same value as the ticket at the bus operators (applied to some bus operators that support tickets to receive SMS/Email confirmation).

– In case you choose the departure point at the bus operator offices, please arrive 30 minutes in advance to start the time at the office/ticket counter/bus station with an SMS ticket or Email ticket to check-in.

– In case you register to transfer, please prepare 30 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time and keep your phone with you. The driver will contact you to transfer to the starting point.

– Guests who request to pick up at points along the road will be contacted by the bus operator to pick up before departure or when the car is near. Please pay attention to the phone and prepare to be at the pickup point about 30 minutes before the scheduled time, the driver will contact you to pick you up.

What is a deposit ticket?

A deposit ticket is a ticket that you will book and pay when the garage does not have an official price, but you want to reserve your seat to ensure with the bus operator that you want to reserve your seats.

What is the surcharge?

Is the amount that you need to pay for the tickets you have deposited before or the amount you need to pay when you have additional services (child tickets, bulky goods, pick up and drop off depending on the regulations of the bus operator).

How can I pay the deposit?

You can pay the deposit for tickets in the forms such as payment via domestic cards, international cards, bank transfer, payment via e-wallet application.

How can I pay the surcharge?

You can pay the surcharge for the ticket in forms such as payment via domestic card, international card, bank transfer, payment via e-wallet application, or payment at the garage (depending on the policy of the bus operator).

Can I pay a deposit less than the amount shown?

The deposit amount is determined by the garage and will be announced when you book your ticket on VeXeRe.com and its affiliate systems, so you will not be able to pay an amount other than this number.

What if I do not pay my deposit?

When you make a reservation, the payment appointment time will be notified by the system. After this time, the deposit will be canceled if you have not paid the price.

When do I have to pay the surcharge?

When the bus operator announces the official price, VeXeRe will notify you of the price, the amount of the surcharge to be paid, and the deadline for which you need to pay via email or the phone number that you used to book tickets before.

When do I have to pay the surcharge?

When the bus operator announces the official price, VeXeRe will notify your information including the price, the surcharge amount, and the deadline you have to pay via email or phone number.

What if I do not pay the surcharge?

The booking ticket and the deposit paid previously will be canceled, refunds may or may not be available depending on the bus operator policy. So make sure to carefully read the cancellation policy of each bus operator when booking.

If the official price is lower than the deposit price, can I get my change back?

We will refund the difference if the official price is lower than the amount you paid the deposit.

How can I get my change back?

We will refund in ways you used to pay before such as a domestic or international card, return to your MoMo wallet and ZaloPay wallet, bank transfer, refund form will depend on your previous form of payment.

How long can I get my change back?

Depending on the bank where you open the account, you will receive your money from 2 to 14 business days, some banks may up to 30 days such as Agribank or Vietcombank.


The VeXeRe website displays information (attached picture below) when I book a ticket. What does this framework mean?

Some bus trips are not supported in choosing the location of the vehicle, so in this case, VeXeRe will assist customers to announce the number of tickets directly to the garage. When you see this frame, leave the contact information and the number of seats to book, VeXeRe staff will contact the car company to book your ticket. You can also call the call center directly 1900 888684 to provide direct information.

Some tickets are not supported by the online booking platform. In this case, please click the box “Click for call” to display the phone number of the call center. If you want us to help you book the ticket for your trip, please do not hesitate to press the box “Click for call” to get assistance


Payment methods at VeXeRe.com:

  • Online payment (International card, Domestic card, Credit card, E-wallet, Payment gateway)
  • Cash payment at convenience stores and supermarkets near your home (Green Department, Green Electronics, Mobile World, VinMart, Circle K, Family Mart, etc.)
  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Collect money at VeXeRe ticketing agents
  • Call the switchboard for assistance in collecting ticket charges (Floor 8,9, Circo Building, 222 Dien Bien Phu, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

I do not have a Credit Card / Bank account. Can I still book tickets through VeXeRe?

Yes. There are two ways to book a ticket:

– Contact hotline 1900 888684 for ticket booking support.

– You can also book tickets online and pay by cash at convenience stores.

I cannot access the Internet, and cannot make an online payment. Can I buy tickets at VeXeRe?

Yes. You can contact our call center at lienhe@vexere.com or call 1900 888684 in order to book tickets and pay at our partners’ stores/offices.

Can I buy tickets and pay money for another person?

Yes. You could pay money for another person’s ticket if you register the complete information of that person.

What must I do to be able to pay the price?

Payment instructions:

  • Pay by Visa/MasterCard/JCB: We will send you an SMS and email including the content of the payment link. When you are sure the payment is for access to the link and make the payment as instructed. (The link is valid only within 10 minutes from the time you access the link, after 10 minutes if you do not pay, the ticket will be canceled automatically).
  • Pay at convenience stores: After choosing “Reserve”, the system will send you a message/email to guide you make payment. Please come to these convenience stores and contact the staff for payment support. In case you cannot pay the fare, please feel free to contact us at hotline 1900 888843 – 1900 969681.
  • Bank transfer: Please select the appropriate bank to transfer (prefer the same bank transfer option), then click the box “Payment”. The system will send account information to the SMS/email that you provided.Note: Please check carefully the information before making a transfer, the content of the transfer includes transaction code – the booking phone number.
  • Momo E-Wallet: After clicking on the e-wallet you want to use to pay tickets, the system will send you to the payment page of the corresponding e-wallet to proceed with ticket payment.


Cancellation policy for tickets booked through VeXeRe

Cancellation policy and cancellation time will depend on the policy of the bus company.

How can I cancel my online ticket?

There are two ways to cancel a ticket:

– You can cancel tickets online on the app or website of VeXeRe. The refund (if any) will be displayed on the system.

– In case you cannot cancel, you can contact us directly at 1900 888843 for any support.


I cannot board the bus. Can I get my money refunded?

VeXeRe guarantees to refund your money if you cannot board the bus due to mistakes of bus companies or VeXeRe’s operations. However, if you miss the bus for any other reason, VeXeRe will not refund.

How can I receive my money after canceling my ticket?

In case your ticket meets the refund policy after being canceled, VeXeRe will send your money back via transfer, payment gate, VeXeRe’s agencies or at our head office. VeXeRe will make a refund statement and you will receive the payment within 14 days. 


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