VEXERE is willing to receive and handle customer complaints related to transactions performed at VEXERE E-Commerce platform.

When there is any complaint or dispute related to the transport service connected through the VEXERE E-Commerce platform, please notify us as soon as possible. VEXERE and the Service provider undertake to be responsible to approach and assist customers to resolve all such complaints and disputes on an objective basis based on the agreement and the law. We always appreciate the way to mediate and negotiate between the parties in order to maintain good relationships and trust of customers in the Services on VEXERE E-commerce platform.

1. Channels of receiving complaints:

When customer has any complaints about the Service purchased at VEXERE E-Commerce platform, please do as follows

Option 1: Customer sends email to lienhe@vexere.com

Option 2: Customer makes a phone call to the support call center: 1900969681

Option 3: Customers complain directly to the Service provider. In this case, the Service provider and / or the Customer have the right to request VEXERE to assist in solving problems arising from transactions performed on VEXERE platform and the Service provider is responsible for resolving complaints and responding promptly to the Buyer.

2. The process of receiving and handling complaints is as follows:

Step 1: Customer contacts VEXERE through the complaint-receiving channels mentioned in Method 1 and Method 2 of Section 1.

Step 2: VEXERE Customer Care will receive customer complaints. Depending on the nature and extent of the complaint, VEXERE will have specific procedures to assist customers to resolve such disputes no more than seven (7) working days from the receipt of the complaint.

Step 3: VEXERE has the right to request customers to provide information and evidence related to transactions to verify and clarify the issue, thereby giving appropriate solutions.

Step 4: All arising disputes will be resolved through negotiation.

Parties including Customers, VEXERE and Service Providers must be responsible for providing documents to certify information related to the contradictory incident.

  • Within two (2) working days after receiving the complaint, VEXERE will check and confirm information on the complaint and notify relevant parties. VEXERE also verifies the content of the complaint, reviews and analyzes the cause of the complaint, the scope of the complaint and the responsibility for handling to coordinate with the Service provider to provide appropriate solutions;
  • The Service provider is the party that actively handles and resolves complaints. VEXERE will play the role of coordinating, facilitating the handling and settlement of complaints between Service provider and Customer, accordingly, within five (5) working days of receipt of notification by VEXERE of the complaint, the Service provider will coordinate with VEXERE to settle and handle the complaint and proactively notify the Complainant or authorize VEXERE to notify the Complainant of settlement and handling measures;
  • In the case of a transaction causing contradictions and errors are caused by the Service provider, VEXERE will apply appropriate handling methods depending on the level of violation. At the same time, the Service provider is responsible for compensating and reimbursing the Customer satisfactorily base on the negotiation.
  • In case the Complainant disagrees with the settlement and handling solution of the Service provider, VEXERE will be responsible for presiding over the negotiation and conciliation between the parties to come up with final solutions;
  • Within 30 days if the negotiation fails, the parties can resolve the dispute at the competent Court. VEXERE will provide information related to Customer and Service provider if required by Law.