Welcome to VeXeRe.com ("VeXeRe.com" or "we"), a bus ticketing platform owned by VeXeRe Joint Stock Company. We provide services related to online bus ticket booking to assist customers who travel by bus and bus companies who want to sell bus tickets and other passenger transport services online.

By accessing, viewing and using this website and or book bus tickets through VeXeRe.com, you confirm to have read, understood and agreed to all of our terms, policies, and other instructions that you can view on this website, including but not limited to Privacy Policy, Cancellation Policy, Reimbursement Policy, Guide on Making Payment, Dispute Settlement Mechanism, etc. If you do not agree to the terms & conditions below, please do not use or access our services.


I. Definitions:


1. Terms definition:

"Charges": all charges required by bus operators and regulators.

"Stop": a location between departure location and arrival location

"Force majeure": events that happened or may happen, and are beyond control of related parties including but not limited to earthquake, hurricane, flooding, storm, fire, war, riots, revolution, government sanction, government policy modification, other calamities, etc.

"Transport conditions": conditions or content of a bus operator related to transport services, including information on the ticket  journey confirmation and or on website and or in terms & conditions approved and or other announcements that VeXeRe informs passengers

"Ticket": is a paper ticket issued by a bus operator or an electronic confirmation issued by VeXeRe or an authorized agent of VeXeRe, with information on passenger name, booking code, journey, and other journey notice sent by VeXeRe or an agent authorized by VeXeRe via registed emails. "Ticket" here is understood as ticket for fixed-route buses and journey confirmation for contract buses

"Price" or "Fare": price, surcharges on the stipulated price of a bus operator and or transport related conditions

"Bus operators (bus companies)": include buses running on contracts, buses running on fixed routes, and open buses

"Passengers": Any customer using services of VeXeRe.com

"Transport contract": an agreement between a bus operator and passenger(s) for providing services demanded by passenger(s), written in the form of a ticket or other confirmation or a contract

"Book" or "Reserve" : herein used for fixed-route buses and understood as booking a tour for open buses and contracting a bus for contract buses


2. Tickets

A ticket is an evidence for a transport contract between passenger(s) and a bus company.

A ticket is only valid for a passenger with the same name and journey written on the ticket.

The bus company only provides transport services for the passenger with the name on the ticket.

A ticket can only be changed, cancelled, refunded in accordance with VeXeRe’s terms & conditions and VeXeRe’s cancellation fees applied from time to time.


3. Price or Fare

Price (fare) is the price that the bus company officially quote at the time of booking tickets.

Passengers are responsible for all taxes, fees, surcharges applied by the government authorities, bus companies or VeXeRe.com. At the time of booking, passengers will be informed of taxes, fees, and surcharges.

VeXeRe reserves the right to refuse to provide services and bus companies reserve the right to refuse to transport passengers and luggage if taxes, fees, and surcharges are not fully paid by passengers.

Fare, taxes, fees, and surcharges are paid in the currency required on VeXeRe.com, except the government authorities have other clauses or regulations.


4. Stops

Stops can be accepted where the requirements of government and the policies of bus companies allow. The stops must be pre-arranged with bus companies and written on the ticket.


5. Booking (or Reservation)

Reservation: is done through our website, ticket offices, agents, or call centers. Then passengers will receive booking codes.

Ticket confirmation: is sent to passengers after payment is made. Passengers will receive tickets with confirmed ticket code.

In some cases, passengers must make payment before receiving booking code and ticket confirmation.

Booking changes including changing the passenger name, itinerary, and departure time are defined as follows:

You have to pay change fees and fare difference (if any) due to changing your ticket.
The change is completed only after you make payment for your change fee and ticket price difference (if any). Vexere will update the information changes on your passenger ticket.

Tickets must be fully paid for before VeXeRe confirms successful booking. In any situation where the total price of the tickets is not paid in full, VeXeRe has the right to cancel your booking with us.

Seats: are specified on your ticket. Passengers’ seats will be arranged when boarding, but bus operators have the right to change your seat(s) at any time, even when you are already on-board. This change may be required for safety reasons, the regulations of the authorities, the health of passengers or security reasons.


II. The operating principles of VeXeRe.com

Organizations and individuals involved in trading on VeXeRe.com must respect the rights and interests of the participating parties.

Electronic tickets: Services trading activities occur through agreements in the form of electronic tickets, issued by VeXeRe.com, at least including the following information: TICKET CODE, SEAT NUMBERS. Electronic tickets are not VAT invoices. Electronic tickets can be in the form of hard-copy printed by customers or in the form of SMS or emails sent by VeXeRe.com, not violating provisions of the laws.

Passenger transport services involved in transactions at VeXeRe.com have to fulfill the provisions of the applicable laws and are not against trading prohibitions, advertising prohibitions in accordance with current regulations.

When members and  or partners access our website to purchase services, members and or partners have agreed to abide by and accept to be bound by the Terms & Conditions of VeXeRe.com.

VeXeRe.com do not own and  or operate the bus services. Passengers can book online bus tickets anywhere with an internet connection by selecting bus operators, departure times and prices, and reserve the right to choose and use the services of bus operators available at VeXeRe.com.

The content of this document, together with the amendments, supplements and substitute documents over time form an integral part of the purchase agreement between VeXeRe.com and ticket buyers. The contents that have not been clearly defined in this document, or have any contrary proposition will be applied in accordance with the provisions of current laws.


III. Transaction procedures: 

1. How to buy tickets and make payment on VeXeRe.com:

VeXeRe.com is built to help customers purchase bus tickets online, offer information on bus operators and routes of interest, give a wide selection of transport services suitable for customer needs. VeXeRe.com also provides customers with a list of trusted ticket selling locations with full pricing information, supporting policies for reference, to help customers avoid such undesirable circumstances as low quality services, high price, or some other common problems.

To purchase tickets on VeXeRe.com, customers should follow the following steps:

■ Step 1: Search the route by selecting departure & arrival locations, departure date on VeXeRe.com

■ Step 2: View information provided by VeXeRe.com, including bus operators, pricing, departure times, seat types. After selection, please book tickets by clicking on "Select", choose seats, and choose "Continue"

■ Step 3: Fill your contact information, passenger information (in case you are buying tickets for someone else), and choose the payment method (including online payment by ATM cards, Visa, MasterCard, e-wallets, or other forms). Then make a payment.

■ Step 4: After receiving an SMS and an email confirmation from VEXERE, please check the information on the trip, time, and ticket code

■ Step 5:  Depending on bus companies’ operating models, customers can use SMS or email confirmation of VeXeRe.com to board the bus or take paper tickets at the ticket offices of the bus operator before boarding the bus


2. Promotions & Vouchers:

Customers can apply only 1 promotion voucher program or 1 promotion voucher code for a payment transaction;

Any promotion offered by VeXeRe and or VeXeRe’s partners can be changed without prior notice;

Each promotion may have separate terms of use; passengers are responsible for refering to promotional terms.


3. Complaints handling:

For complaints, passengers need to notice VeXeRe within 7 days from departure time;

Complaints about bus operators can be sent to VeXeRe’s contact on the website. Upon receiving the feedbacks, VeXeRe will investigate; if the information is correct, VeXeRe will implement appropriate measures;

Customers need to regularly read the terms & conditions posted on VeXeRe.com to understand and follow the relevant policies appropriately.


4. Responsiblities VeXeRe.com:

VeXeRe’s responsibilities include: 

  • Upload and update information provided by bus operators to sell tickets or provide customer services through VeXeRe.com
  • Establish a mechanism to provide information and book tickets on VeXeRe.com to allow customers to comply with the booking process, buy tickets, cancel tickets online via the website.
  • When customers’ rights are violated illegally by bus operators, VeXeRe.com provides information on bus operators for competent authorities, and seek to protect customers’ rights and legitimate interests
  • Maintain normal operations of VeXeRe.com and fix incidents affecting the operations of VeXeRe.com. In case of force majeure events, including and but not limited to natural disasters, fires, social upheaval, or the decisions of the government authorities, VeXeRe.com is not responsible for joint liability.


VeXeRe’s responsibilities do NOT include: 

  • Any incorrect data provided by customers when booking
  • Any delay, incident, canceled service or accident
  • Any misconduct by any employee of bus operators or passenger
  • Lost or damaged baggage
  • Passengers show up late at the departure point
  • Bus companies cannot contact passengers by phone, or bus companies do not call passengers at the departure point before departure
  • Customers do not wait for the bus at the right departure location
  • Any change in the seat numbers by bus operators without prior notice to VeXeRe
  • Bus operators change boarding points for any reason
  • Bus operators arrange a shuttle bus to pick up at departure location, and passengers will board the main bus at a different location
  • Agents book seats inaccurately; in this case please contact your agents
  • Bus operators do not offer amenities as mentioned during booking
  • Change of bus types by bus operators for any reason



5. Responsiblities of passengers customers: 

  • Your tickets are considered "confirmed" if the ticket confirmation page is displayed to you, even if you do not receive SMS or emails for any reason
  • If you do not receive SMS Email confirmation or cancellation for any reason, please contact us to re-send the confirmation. Information sent via SMS Email cannot be successfuly transmitted or can be delayed due to various reasons beyond control of VeXeRe
  • Passengers must be present at the departure point 15 minutes before scheduled departure time, or earlier, depending on bus operators’ notices
  • The arrival and departure time on your ticket are only expected time, meaning there can be delays. On the day of your trip, please contact bus operators or VeXeRe to re-confirm the departure location and time
  • At the time of boarding, passengers will be asked to provide the following information, without which passengers can be refused to board the bus:
  • SMS or E-mail with information on tickets (most bus companies accept this form);
  • A few bus operators may not accept E-tickets. The details of these bus operators will be presented during your booking with VeXeRe.com. Please print out your email confirmation and bring it along with you;
  • Identity cards (or other identification documents such as passports, driving licenses, etc.)
  • When booking at VeXeRe.com, passengers have agreed to allow VeXeRe to call, email, send SMS messages or send notifications to provide information or to obtain information related to passengers’ booking;
  • Passengers may make advance seating reservations at the time of the bookings. We will endeavor to honor such requests; however, owing to operational, safety or security reasons, we reserve the right to assign or reassign seats at any time. In the event of change, cancellation or delay, or any other reason that passengers could not board the bus, with regard to passengers with successful advance seat reservations, we will proceed with one of the following steps:
    • Arrange the exact seating in accordance with the original reservations on the next available buses;
    • Arrange any seating on the next buses; or
    • Fully refund the payment that passengers made to VeXeRe
  • Customers need to regularly read terms & conditions of VeXeRe.com to be able to understand and follow the policies at that time.

Customer Support Information: 

VEXERE Joint Stock Company

Address: Floor M, Block B, Sai Gon Town Building, 83/16 Thoai Ngoc Hau Street, Hoa Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCM City. 

Phone: +84 1900 7070 or +84 1900 969681

Email:  cs@vexere.com 


6. Cancellation policy:

To cancel tickets, you can:

Use the phone number or email used for ticket booking and contact cs@vexere.com or call +84 1900 7070 or +84 1900 969681, provide your ticket code and other related information in accordance with VeXeRe Customer Service’s instructions.

The deadline for ticket cancellation depends on the time that the bus departs from its first location in the route and does not depend on the time that passengers get on the bus. For example: If the bus starts to depart at 7:00 and the time that a passenger gets on the bus is 12:00, cancellation deadline is taken from 7:00, not 12:00.

Cancellation fees for tickets booked through VeXeRe:

Cancellation fees vary, depending on the bus companies. You can view “Cancellation Policy” while choosing the bus company on VeXeRe.com. If you made payment for your booking, cancellation policy will be sent in the email confirmation. For enquiry on the cancellation policy, please contact our Customer Service via email or phone.

Cancellation fees do not include the payment expense. Total refund = total original payment – cancellation fee – payment expense (if any).

Cancellation fees apply on the original ticket price, not the ticket price after discounts. Ticket cancellation charges shall be deducted from the total fare paid, and the remaining amount will be refunded. For example: If the original fare is VND200,000, the fare after discounts is VND150,000, the cancellation charges are calculated based on the original ticket price, in this case VND200,000. So, if the cancellation fee is 10%, your refund will be 150.000 - 20.000 = VND130,000.


7. Refund policy:

The refunds are transferred into your bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards, or other accounts that you used to book the tickets.

All refunds are processed automatically when canceling tickets. Normally your banks will take a few days to credit the refunds;

In case the refund is not credited to your account within 10 working days, please send an email to cs@VeXeRe.com along with the details of the tickets. We will provide necessary support to help credit your account with the refund;

Money will not be refunded when a passenger(s) does not show up at the departure location on time;

Transaction fees or shipping charges will not be refunded when customers ask to cancel tickets;

When bus operators cancel tickets or services, VeXeRe will try to assist passengers to find alternative services depending on the options available. In the absence of any alternative service, VeXeRe will only be responsible for reimbursing the total amount paid by passengers when buying tickets.


8. Privacy Policy

VeXeRe respects customer relationship and website users. We endeavor to provide accurate information and maintain system stably. We respect the privacy of passengers and want to bring comfort and convenience to customers accessing our website.

When you visit this website, some information about you such as your IP address, page selection, systems and programs used and time spent, along with other similar information can be stored on our servers or 3rd party servers such as Google Analytics. Such information might not identify you specifically. Such information may be used to analyze website traffic or for other purposes where we see fit.

If you provide personal information such as names, addresses and other information to us, this information can be used for report purposes and or for other purposes. Any personal information you provide us when booking with VeXeRe.com will only be disclosed to the suppliers bus operators related to your booking. We will not disclose, sell, share, or in any other way disclose your information to a third party.

VeXeRe can use your contact information such as email, mobile phone number to contact, provide information on the trip or promotions by VeXeRe or our partners.

We want you to feel confident about using VeXeRe.com to plan and buy bus tickets, so we are committed to protecting information that we collect. While no website can guarantee 100% complete security to protect personal information, we have implemented the appropriate security procedures to protect personal information that you provide to us. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we will use appropriate methods and technologies of Internet security.

This policy is not a legally valid contract, but we are committed to complying with regulations to protect your personal information when you use the services we offered.

Our privacy policy may be modified from time to time, depending on actual situations without prior notice.


9. Limitation of liability in case of technical errors on VeXeRe.com 

When transacting on VeXeRe.com, customers must comply with our instructions.

VeXeRe.com is committed to providing the best quality of service to customers. When technical errors, software failure or other errors prevent customers from transacting, please contact VeXeRe at cs@VeXeRe.com or phone +84 1900 7070 or +84 1900 969681. VeXeRe.com will fix errors as soon as possible, enabling customers to participate on VeXeRe.com.

VeXeRe.com will not be responsible when VeXeRe cannot receive customer notifications due to technical failure, communication line failure, software or other errors not caused by VeXeRe.


10. Transaction failure:

An online payment transaction cannot be done successfully for many reasons, and your account or card can be debited without a corresponding ticket created. If the amount is deducted from your account or card, please contact VeXeRe's Customer Service or contact directly your bank or payment service provider to re-confirm unsuccessful transactions before doing a new transaction or a new booking.

The transactions in this case will be refunded to customers according to refund policy in terms & conditions of VeXeRe.com


11. Mechanism for settling disputes and complaints

Disputes over E-tickets between customers and transport services providers:

If a dispute happens with confirmation of e-tickets between a customer and a bus company, VeXeRe.com’s representative will join in the procedure for settling disputes. VeXeRe will provide information and documents related to customers to help clarify whether customers have bought tickets through VeXeRe.com or not.

The parties must comply with their rights and responsibilities in the process of dispute settlement. If damages occur, the parties will negotiate jointly and collaboratively to find the most reasonable solution. Without a general consensus in the dispute settlement process, the dispute will be escalated to the competent government authority.

For customers using services on VeXeRe.com

Customers need to regularly read and follow terms & conditions on VEXERE.COM to be able to understand and comply with the policies at that time.

VeXeRe.com will make reasonable effort to settle the complaints of customers using the services on VeXeRe.com. If those efforts fail, customers must agree that any claim, dispute among customers and VeXeRe.com or bus companies are settled in accordance with the provisions of the laws of Vietnam and the total liability of VeXeRe.com for each customer does not exceed the amount that VeXeRe.com receive from the customer for the incident related to customer complaints.



12.  Terms of application:

All disputes arising during transaction process on VeXeRe.com between bus companies and passengers will be negotiated by the parties. In case an agreement cannot be reached, either party has the right to escalate the dispute to a competent government authority to settle in accordance with the laws.

Terms & conditions of VeXeRe.com are effective from the date posted on website http://VeXeRe.com

The contents of this document may be amended, supplemented and replaced over time to maintain the purpose and operation of VeXeRe.com. The amendments, replacement will take effect within 03 (three) days from the date of notification. Your continuing to use our services after the amendments, additions and replacement are implemented means that you have accepted.


Official contact address of VeXeRe.com:

VEXERE Joint Stock Company 

Address: Floor M, Block B, Sai Gon Town Building, 83/16 Thoai Ngoc Hau Street, Hoa Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCM City.

Phone: +84 1900 7070 or +84 1900 969681

Email:  cs@VeXeRe.com